The food industry and Big Pharma have convinced us that we are to blame for being sick and obese. Gluttony, sloth, lack of will power, lack of motivation – character flaws. Health insurance companies will often refuse to pay for obesity services because, “We don’t pay for behavior issues.” If only we were better people we’d take better care of ourselves. IT’S ALL A LIE!

Here’s the truth – Food companies have engineered food to trick our brains into eating more and believing it’s good for us. They have then marketed it with words that sound healthy. Marketing doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be not blatantly wrong enough to get sued; or if they do get sued, have made enough money to offset whatever fine they are assessed. Here are just a few examples:

Marketing: "Milk – it does a body good"
Truth: The milk protein casein has been linked directly to cancer promotion. The countries that drink the most milk have the most hip fractures (i.e. it doesn’t help with osteoporosis). Cheese is the number one source of saturated fat in the Western diet. New studies are linking cow milk consumption to type 1 diabetes.

Marketing: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"
Truth: When you eat doesn’t matter as much as what you eat. Cereal companies made up the “most important” thing to sell sugary, high profit-margin, cereal

Marketing: "Pork – the other white meat"
Truth: Pork is not white meat. Not that it matters. Animal protein isn’t a healthy choice for humans regardless of what color it is.

Marketing: "Open Happiness" (Coke)
Truth: The sugar and other sweeteners in Coke hit the same pleasure center in your brain as heroin. That’s not happiness. It’s pleasure. And it’s addicting. Good for Coke’s bottom line. Horrible for you.

Marketing: “They’re GR-R-R-reat” (Frosted Flakes)
Truth: They are almost 50% sugar (see point about sugar above) and people usually eat them with milk (see point about milk above)

Marketing: “We have the meats!”
Truth: They say that like it’s a good thing because we have been so conditioned to believe it is. But why do you believe it? Saturated fat. Cholesterol. Animal protein. Not great for humans. They can keep the meats.

Marketing: “Silly Rabbit. Trix are for kids” (Marketed directly to children.)
Truth: This is not “food” by any definition for kids, rabbits or otherwise.

Marketing: “The breakfast of champions.”
Truth: More sugar and salt than nutrients.

Marketing: “Made with real fruit”
Truth: That’s only on there to make you THINK it’s healthy. If they put one blueberry in the vat they can use the “real fruit” label.

Have you ever noticed that fast food commercials always have slim people in exercise clothing in them? I think you get my point. Everyone thinks they are a dietitian. They think they know because it’s “common knowledge.” The problem is that “common knowledge” came from a company out to make money, not share the truth. There are literally hundreds of “diet” companies trying to treat the symptom – over eating. But they aren’t addressing the actual problem - lack of nutrition. They have just enough “science” to make it sound right.

Big Pharma is pouring obscene amounts of money into creating an obesity drug. They make even more obscene amounts of money on obesity itself. There is $117 billion spent out of pocket a YEAR on weight. And if it doesn’t work? Well that must be your fault. You must have been non-compliant.

STOP! All of that is nuts! But there is something you can do. You can educate yourself with the truth. Then and only then will you be able to make decisions based on facts. Lack of knowledge (and bad knowledge) is killing us. I know you want knowledge because you’re reading this. Knowledge is what the How to Feed A Human master class is all about. If you haven’t watched our free webinar yet – you need to. It will open your eyes to food in ways that will shock you. Go to to watch it on demand right now!

Dr Robyn is a former competitive volleyball player turned psychologist with continuing education in nutrition. Russ is a former competitive bodybuilder and trainer on the Mr. Olympia Tour. They are the co-founders of Whole Food Muscle and the authors of How to Feed a Human The Whole Food Muscle Way. To work with them one on one to improve your health and fitness or to have them speak at your event or organization email them at