I have written about eggs before and we have done a few lives talking about the various reasons why we choose not to eat them and encourage our clients not to as well. Because “common knowledge” says eggs are healthy for you and a great choice for breakfast, we thought it might be helpful for you to have a few of the top reasons eggs are not a great choice all in one place.

Eggs are the most concentrated source of cholesterol in the American diet

If you have high cholesterol or cholesterol controlled by medication the “safe” limit is 200mg of cholesterol a day. One chicken egg has about 200mg of cholesterol.

  • Keep in mind that your body makes all the cholesterol you need. Ingesting more means your body has to do the work of removing it.

Eggs increase the growth of gut bacteria that create TMA which is oxidized by the liver into TMAO. TMAO is linked to higher heart disease and cancer

Eggs have been linked to higher rates of colon, breast and prostate cancer, as well as diabetes

Eggs are full of chicken hormones (not surprising when you consider that an egg is the result of a chicken menstruating) even if they are organic and haven’t been given any extra steroid hormones to make them produce more/larger eggs.

  • The hormone balance in humans is very delicate. Ingesting animal hormones can create disruptions

Eggs are not allowed to be advertised as healthy, nutritious, nutritional, safe, good for you or well-balanced due to the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in them. They are not a “rich source of protein by definition (20% of daily value). However, there is no legal definition for “nutrient dense” so they can use that.

If you decide to eat eggs, which we STRONGLY recommend against, they should be cooked COMPLETELY hard to eliminate the risk of salmonella and bird flu.

If you have diabetes, eating eggs doubles your risk of all cause mortality (dying of any cause)

Egg whites are acidic/acid forming (cancer grows in an acidic state). This can cause fatigue, increased cortisol, increased kidney stones and increased inflammation, including eczema.

  • Your body uses calcium from your muscles and bones to keep your PH in balance when you ingest acid forming foods

Those health issues don’t apply only to the eggs many people eat for breakfast. Keep an eye out for eggs hidden in cookies, cakes, bread, fried foods, mayonnaise, frothy drinks (margaritas and cappuccinos), pasta, marshmallows, Caesar salad dressings and egg substitutes (egg substitutes by legal definition are allowed to contain egg whites but not yolks).

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