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"I’m down 11.2 pounds since last Wednesday following your guidance - with hardly an effort. And no crazy diets, pills, lotions, rubs, wraps, starvation, deprivation, or crazy exercise routines. Just using the Staples list and eating in the very specific way that you teach in your Whole Food Muscle Club, and loving every minute of it! (Please share this and maybe THIS picture will inspire someone else.)"

Charles C.

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The Plant-Based Program for All Fitness Levels

If You’ve spent your life yo-yo dieting, and haven’t loved your body in as long as you remember. This story might just be the answer you’ve been looking for..

Because It’s My story...

For me it started with my clothing being uncomfortable. I was “too bloated” to wear my jeans. Then my cute, go-to dress started riding up my thighs when I sat down. Weird. I’d never noticed it doing that before.

Outfits I thought were flattering on me began looked horrible when I saw my reflection in public. The lighting was suddenly unflattering everywhere I went.

I knew the number on my bathroom scale was creeping up. At first it would bounce up after a heavy meal or a fun weekend. But it would always come back down – right? But the highs were getting higher and it wasn’t bouncing back.

What used to be my bloated weight became my “skinny” weight. I told myself I was just constipated. It would get better.

I added bike riding to my weekly exercise. “I just need to do more cardio.” The number on the scale kept climbing. My thighs and butt got bigger. “That’s to be expected” I told myself. “Bike riding is adding muscle.”

Deep In My Soul I Knew I Was Telling Myself A Lie.
But I Didn’t Know What Else To Do...

I pretended I was happy. I pretended to be okay.

I bought a few pieces of clothing in larger sizes, for “bloated” days. I avoided looking at myself in full-length mirrors. I told myself that I just needed to drink more water.

It wasn’t just how I looked. My gut was a mess. The bloating and gas were so bad it was painful, sometimes waking me up at night. My waist was nonexistent.

The thought of wearing a swimsuit, or heaven forbid, lingerie turned my stomach. I started wearing shorts and loose tankini tops if I couldn’t get out of a pool or beach party. My lingerie sat unused in a drawer.

My friends said, “Just do like the rest of us do and wear Spanks!” “You look great! Don’t worry about it!” I hid in dressing rooms and contorted myself into “shapewear” and wanted to cry.

How Did I Become This Person?
How Did This Happen To Me?

Doctors told me that’s just how it is for a woman “of your age.” They said, “Your weight isn’t bad” and suggest fiber supplements, probiotics, laxatives and a prescription for my high cholesterol.

Now it wasn’t just about how I looked and how I felt. Now I was facing the reality of taking statin drugs and dealing with the side effects for the rest of my life.

I know the self-loathing, the regret and the anger that comes with the reality of my body not behaving like I wanted it to because I lived with it for years. But I was fortunate have decided to dig my heels in and search long and hard to find the answer that really works and I want to share it with you so you can finally:

  • Easily reach and maintain your ideal, healthy weight
  • ​Enjoy and be proud of what you see in a full-length mirror
  • ​Have a waist again! No more bloating!
  • Have a gut that works like it should! Constipation be gone!
  • ​Believe it when you see lust in your partner’s eyes
  • ​Proudly wear a swimsuit or lingerie

Who Am I And Why Should
You Even Listen To Me?

I’m Dr Robyn, one-time competitive beach volleyball player turned psychologist.

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there.

There are pictures of me so bloated I look pregnant.

The body I saw in the mirror couldn’t possibly be mine.

I remember getting on the scale and thinking, “that can’t be right” as I stepped off and back on, only to see the same shockingly high number again. I felt betrayed by my body.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my late teens. But being active and being painfully aware of everything I ate; I’d been able to keep my weight under control. But in my mid to late thirties, that started to change.

The first excuse doctors gave me was that "all women gain weight as they age".

“Just accept it” they said.

Then My Cholesterol Started To Become A Problem. “Just Take This Pill” They Said.

Then my cholesterol started to become a problem. “Just take this pill” they said. But the medication gave must such horrible leg pain, a known side effect of statins, that I had to stop taking with within six weeks.

Then they discovered I had fibroids in my uterus. They told me it was normal that I would feel bloated, constipated and crampy because of the weight pressing down on my intestines. You’ll have to “just accept it” until it becomes unbearable and you have to have surgery.

And so, like so many women, I trudged on with a smile plastered on my face. Sometimes I was so bloated my skin hurt. I had to bury my feelings of being ugly to have sex. The number on the scale continued its steady climb upward.

My gut hurt so badly it often woke me up at night.

I Finally Decided I’d Had Enough...
Then I Made A Decision I Deeply Regret.

I was told a hysterectomy might be the answer.

It was the last thing I wanted, but if having a hysterectomy would give me might life back, then I’d do it. So I did.

That is a decision I deeply regret.

I went through all the pre-surgery consultations. The fibroids had grown. My uterus was the size of a five-month pregnancy. It was no wonder my intestines weren’t working. The surgeon assured me that the surgery would help.

I came through the surgery with flying colors. They’d been successful in using the robot. I only had three small incisions.

I was even allowed to go home the same day.

Four days later, everything changed.

The surgeon had told me I needed to walk as much as I could. Because I felt good and was getting cabin fever, Russ and I decided to go to the mall, walk a bit and then have dinner. We got to the place we were going to eat and I decided to go to the bathroom while we waited for our table.

I sat down on the toilet and searing white, hot pain lanced through me. I’ve had kidney stones and this was worse. I started Lamaze breathing, willing myself to no pass out. Every time I tried to pee, searing pain and no urine.

I Didn’t Know What Was Wrong.
But Something Clearly Was.

I didn’t think I was in the bathroom that long. But Russ will tell you it was forever.

When I finally came out, he took one look at me and knew something was wrong.

I was white as a sheet.

I’ll spare you the agonizing details of talking to my doctor, the surgeon and the trip to the hospital.

I learned later that the robot had “bumped” my bladder during the surgery. Like a knuckle that doesn’t bleed when you first get an abrasion but then splits open and bleeds when you bend it, my bladder had split. Pouring toxic urine into my abdomen.

Emergency surgery to repair my bladder and wash my internal organs. A port in my side for drainage and four days in the hospital later, I saw sent home with the admonishment to stay on bedrest for six to eight weeks.

When I was finally released to go back to the gym, I was excited. The offending organ had been removed. I expected my body to once again behave the way it used to. I knew all about diet and exercise. I KNEW I was going to get my body back!

But the weeks dragged on and nothing changed. I thought maybe I just needed to be a little more patient. Maybe my body was still healing. But then my weight returned to the number it was before the surgery. My GI tract was still a mess. I saw the same unhappy site in the mirror.

I went back to my doctor complaining. “The fibroids are gone. I workout five days a week. I eat healthy. I don’t eat too much. I’m living at a calorie deficit. How am I gaining weight?” Her reply, “Robyn, you are over forty. Gaining weight is normal. You’re going to have to just accept your new body. Maybe you should see a psychologist about your body dysmorphic disorder.”

I stared at her dumbfounded. I AM a psychologist! I don’t have body dysmorphic disorder! I am OVERWEIGHT! I wanted to yell. But I didn’t.

When I Left, I Knew With No Doubt The Medical Industry Had Failed Me.

My uterus and the fibroids had never been the problem.

I also knew, deep in my soul, that the human body wasn’t designed to get fat and have problems like high cholesterol just because we got older. I knew there had to be a better answer.

And I WAS going to find it.

I thought I understood nutrition.

Russ and I are both former competitive athletes.

Russ had been studying and teaching nutrition for decades.

We knew all the accepted stuff about balancing proteins, carbs and fat.

But what we knew had gotten me where I was (and Russ was gaining weight too).

So, I put my pride on the back burner and decided...

I Was Going To Dig Into Learning Nutrition Like Everything I Knew Was Wrong.

Little did I realize how wrong I was.

I took every nutrition class I could find, from universities all over the world.

I devoured books, listened to lectures, attended webinars and conferences.

I sat in on symposiums and conventions meant for dietitians and nutritionists.

I absorbed information like a sponge, even earning a certificate from the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell.

What I learned changed my life. It changed Russ’ life too. Over the course of about eight months we changed what we ate, when we ate and why we ate. The results were shocking.

In the first ten weeks we both lost fifteen pounds.

I hadn’t been able to lose any real weight in years. Suddenly, fifteen pounds just gone.

I got off and back on the scale for a different reason now. I even tried the scale in the spare bathroom. Yep. The weight was still gone.

I went to my doctor to get my yearly bloodwork done for my thyroid.

She gaped at me. “I’ve never seen someone with a thyroid condition like yours lose weight” she said.

What did you change? I smiled when I told her...

“I Changed What I Eat. When I Eat. And Why I Eat.”

A few days later she called me. “Your cholesterol is down fifty points. You don’t need medication for it anymore.” We were also able to reduce the amount of thyroid medication I was taking.

People at the gym started commenting how good my skin looked and asking what I was doing differently.

After about the sixth person, I realized, “I’ve changed what I eat, when I eat and why I eat.

Then people started to notice our weight loss and started asking questions.

• What was I doing?
• Could I share the secret?
• Could I help them?

Of course! How could I keep such great news to myself? I knew the answer! I was happy to help.

Friends who had been trying to lose weight for years suddenly started seeing results. A friend’s husband who had been on three blood pressure medications for years, was able to stop talking all of them and his blood pressure was normal. Cholesterol medications were stopped.

It was all amazingly wonderful. There was only one problem. I was neglecting my executive coaching and speaker training business. I loved helping people with their health. But I had to pay my bills to. Could I really turn people away who were suffering they way I had when I knew how to help them?

I agonized about it.

And then I had an ah-ha moment.

I knew how to coach people. I had been doing it for years.

My psychology degree was focused on goal achievement. What if I just tweaked what I was coaching? What if I could help even more people achieve the amazing results I had simply by putting my knowledge into a system?

With help from Russ I did just that.

That's Why We Created
The Whole Food Muscle Club

A client lost 100 pounds. Another reversed his type 2 diabetes. Still another overcame her disordered eating. And all the while, my weight stayed easily at what it was when I was playing competitive volleyball and my cholesterol stayed in the health range. It really works! I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

I know you’re thinking, “Tell me more! Tell me what works!”

As a member of the Whole Food Muscle Club you’ll have INSTANT access to:

  • Well over 100 videos of me and Russ sharing exactly what we do and why
  • Recipes of food we actually eat (no guesswork!)
  • ​Videos of me making many of those recipes
  • ​At home and gym workouts designed by Russ (Did I mention he’s a former trainer on the Mr. Olympia tour?)
  • ​A community page full of articles, tips, ideas and conversations with other members
  • ​A weekly newsletter
  • ​A year’s worth of our meal plans and workouts
  • ​A monthly live, Ask Us Anything webinar hosted by me and Russ
  • ​New content added every week

Reading that list you might except to pay $59.99 a month or more.

And we could certainly charge that because there is easily that much value. But we believe everyone deserves to know the truth. So we want it make it affordable to everyone.

I’ve Brought You As Far As I Can.
Now You Are Standing At A Crossroads.

You might be wondering why I would share such personal things, like my hysterectomy, the subsequent emergency surgery and the huge struggle I went through.

I’m sharing all of that because I want you to succeed.

I want with all my heart for you to finally win at this.
I’ve brought you as far as I can.
Now you are standing at a crossroads.

You have two choices.

You can take the left crossroad, click away from this page and go scroll through memes and cat videos like we’ve never met. And that’s okay. I will still wish you all the best.

If you do that, you will continue to wake up every day fearing your bathroom scale, the fill length mirror and your swimsuit. Your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure will stay on the upward trend, you’ll continue to damage your metabolism with yo-yo diets and nothing will change. Do the same thing, get the same results, over and over.

Or you can make a different choice today and take the crossroad on the RIGHT and get access to how-to videos, recipes, workouts, meal plans, the monthly live webinar and a community of people who want to help you succeed.

Only You Can Make The Correct Decision For You.

Let me tell you what Trish, a busy grant writer, wife and mother had to say:

"I had been eating the Standard American Diet with no idea that the weight gain, loss of energy, stress, and sleep problems were caused by my poor eating habits. I was congested, sneezing, itching, uncomfortable. I felt terrible all the time. I realized that I had to begin a whole new way of eating and that’s when I reached out to Dr. Robyn. The changes are slow but sure. Less inflammation means I am experiencing slow but sure weight loss, less brain fog, and reduced anxiety. I’m more comfortable in my body and have more energy."

Brigid has two pre-teen boys who are busy with sport and school. Husband works a demanding corporate job and she is an entrepreneur. When she first came to us she told us she wanted to do this for her health but she doubted her husband and boys would be on board. But over time she shared some of the resources we provided. Now her son makes his own lunch and brags that he is the healthiest eater in his school!

Husband has reversed Type 2 diabetes just by changing what he eats, when he eats and why he eats. You might not have Type 2 diabetes but imagine if you were able to create that dramatic of a change in your health and your family’s health just by knowing how to feed a human.

And Shawna said: “My head has been spinning since the first day I met you! IN A GOOD WAY! You've opened my eyes to so many things and I see food in a whole new light. Thank you for sharing such valuable information and putting people's health as a priority.”

You have 30 days to check everything out, and within those 30 days you can ask for a refund for any reason - I mean any reason, you could even make up one if you want

There is no obligation. If you don’t get value after 30 days you can cancel anytime.

You aren’t held captive with a contract.

You might feel like you’ve tried everything. That nothing works for you. You could make an excuse here. Tell yourself whatever story you always tell yourself. Keep telling that story and you’ll keep believing it. Keep doing what everyone else was doing. Keep upping our cardio and exercise. Keep cutting calories. Keep on yo-yo dieting, jumping from diet to diet...

But this moment, right now, you have a chance to try something you haven’t - start a different story. One that has a different ending.

Before you make up your mind whether or not you’re going to order, think about this...
Do you like the story you’re in or are you ready to choose a path to a better ending?

Try something different.
Something whole.
Something steeped in rich, unbiased science.

Something we can do every day almost effortlessly. And something that didn’t require us to spend more and more hours in the gym every day...

Join The Whole Food Muscle Club Now...

Your new story starts today. In this story you are healthy, have tons of energy, your clothes fit, better yet you need to buy new clothes in a smaller size!

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Here's What A Few People Had To Say...

"My head has been spinning since the first day I met you! IN A GOOD WAY! You've opened my eyes to so many things and I see food in a whole new light. Thank you for sharing such valuable information and putting people's health as a priority. You two will move mountains - I just know it."
- Shawna Stanley – Wisconsin, USA

"I just want to say thank you for your help, inspiration, motivation and knowledge!"
- Pat Spae – Delaware, USA

"Hey Robyn and Russ, I just wanted to message you and thank you for putting out such great contact into the internet world. You guys are amazing!"
- Chelsi DeChambeau Dickman, Fredericksburg, VA, USA

"Such great ideas and inspiration all backed by science!"
Elizabeth Jeffers – North Carolina, USA

"S.A.D. & Y.U.C.K. Break the silence and stigma! Jumpstart your day with scientific knowledge, guidance and support with Dr. Robyn and Russ. Witness their journey as they pass along scientifically backed grass roots knowledge and wisdom with a philanthropic approach on a nucleic level in a fun and nonjudgmental environment."
- Allison Grant

"Dr Robyn and Russ are incredibly educated and well qualified to research and deliver vital information in a palatable and easily understood fashion. Dr Robyn’s curiosity and passion drive a hunger for knowledge, as well as an open and scientific mind. Anybody who wants to maximize their health potential, both physically and mentally, should be subscribing to this page."
- Laura Lewis

"Truly phenomenal people... I am proud to support RnR and thankful to be a part of the Journey. Trust and believe that what you are seeing is a truly inspiring journey that is health and wellness focused and sincere."
- Saad Soliman – Delaware, USA

"Informative on so many topics. The information is fact based rather than opinion based. If you ask a question Robyn has the answer and can support it with research she has read about. If you want to feel better and be healthy I recommend RnR Journey!"
- Adele Panaccione McIntosh – Delaware, USA

"I’m learning more and more by watching. Thank you for sharing your journey."
- Rose Christopher – Las Vegas, Nevada USA

"Lots of really informative videos."
- Clara Welch – USA

"Good advises to stay healthy."
- Sri Walpola – NYC, USA

"Love this page and recommended it frequently to friends and family!"
- Melissa Marie – USA